FuoriConcorso: British Racing Green

FuoriConcorso: British Racing Green

Chris Leustean

The weekend, the unforgettable one, on the Como branch.

With the theme 'British Racing Green', the highlights of British motoring tradition are celebrated, the FuoriConcorso offers a fascinating mix of legendary racing cars, elegant people and unmistakable Italian style.

Como Car Week is a truly intense experience: torrential rain, scorching sun, Los Angeles-style traffic and thousands of people concentrated in a small space – this is Villa d'Este. But when you enter the gates of Villa Grumello to enter the FuoriConcorso (the parallel event at Villa d'Este organized by Guglielmo Miani), you find yourself in a world of peace, calm and serenity. Here, you can not only admire the splendid villas and their gardens, but also, for car lovers, see in person the favorite cars that you have always admired in the magazines.

Located in the botanical park surrounding the two villas overlooking Lake Como, the FuoriConcorso has conquered the most beautiful location of all the automotive events in the world. However, Gugliemo Miani and Andrea Luzardi reinvent the format every year with new peculiarities. While at Villa d'Este you enjoy a lunch with the parade of cars (something for a few) or observing the cars on display on Sunday at Villa Erba among hordes of carspotters, at FuoriConcorso you relax and chat with friends, observing cars and tasting an ice cream or a cocktail, with maximum freedom.
This year, FuoriConcorso paid a special tribute to British racing tradition. And the event really started with a bang: along the avenue leading to the Villa Grumello park, Guglielmo lined up a grid of 15 iconic Formula 1 racing cars, representing all eras and teams. Including Lotus 24, Cooper T81, Lotus 72, Arrows A1, McLaren MP4/4 and 4/14 and many more!
And, after FuoriConcorso 'Sonderwunsch' had presented the best creations of Porsche Exclusive two years ago, and the 75 years of Porsche at Villa Olmo last year, the Stuttgart company - in collaboration with Porsche Classic - took over the Orangery at the top of the Grumello park with a floral display and green sports cars. Here we find the 964 Speedster in Signal Green PTS (only 10 examples!) former Premoli Automobiles car, the Porsche 911 Turbo S Chromaflair Urban Bamboo, the new Macan Turbo and a Taycan ready for out-of-town adventures!
The special display of the Porsche Classic ORIGINAL magazine completed the presentation in style. All nine issues published to date have been displayed in the greenhouse gallery, each paired with an original Porsche part featured in the magazine, with each issue nestled in a matching floral setting. Visitors received a copy of the latest issue, ORIGINAL 09, personalized with the FuoriConcorso stamp.


That's all from FuoriConcorso, the time has come for us to take the party beyond the border.

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