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Nembro - Selvino

The Nembro-Selvino road is also famous in the field of motorsport because over the years it has hosted various rallies, but above all it has recently become a special stage of the WRC. Obviously this stretch starts from the town of Nembro, in the province of Bergamo, in the Seriana Valley, a few minutes from the Orobic capital.

Altitude: 960m
Length: 10km
Colleague: Nembro (BG) with Selvino (BG)
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Then go up towards Selvino which is located right on the watershed between Val Seriana and Val Serina, a tributary of Val Brembana.

The road is short, about 10km, but very exciting. In the first section you find yourself following a classic mountain road, in a dense undergrowth with long stretches and some very closed hairpin bends. The roadway here is not very wide, but perfectly guarantees the transit of vehicles in both directions, and on average in good asphalt conditions.
You then reach the small hamlet of Trevasco San Vito, from where the most beautiful part of this road begins, characterized by a succession of 12 hairpin bends interspersed with more or less long stretches. The asphalt is in excellent condition and the carriageway is wide. The hairpin bends all have very closed angles but almost always in fairly wide road conditions.
Unfortunately, the windingness of this road really puts you in difficulty if you find slow vehicles, in fact overtaking in safety is practically impossible, and the possibility of finding traffic is quite high, as this stretch of road is a communication route widely used both by residents of the area and from tourism in Selvino.

If Nembro can be reached in a few minutes from Bergamo via the state road, Selvino offers you the possibility of following many other roads. You can descend directly into Val Brembana towards Zogno, along the SP28 and then the SP27, or take the SP31 towards Serina, where ending up on the SP27 you can choose whether to go back down to Val Brembana or go up to Passo Zambla, a pass that will take you back to Val Seriana .

Just outside the town of Serina there is also the possibility of taking the SP26 which is very nice to drive up to Dossena, but then becomes very narrow going down towards Val Brembana

In our opinion

It is a very characteristic stretch of road, practical because it is not far from the big cities and can easily be inserted into a route that touches on other wonderful roads in these areas.
Unfortunately, the possibility of finding traffic puts the enjoyment of this road at risk, so we recommend that you travel it perhaps at different times than normal.

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