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Calizzano - Garessio

Chris Leustean

Straddling Liguria and Piedmont there are really many noteworthy roads, roads that perhaps in many cases have no scenic interest and perhaps are not even that particular, but they can be a good way to cross the Apennines avoiding the busy state roads or the banal highways.

Altitude: approximately 1,100 m
Length: 15km
Colleague: Calizzano (SV) with Garessio (CN)
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The road between Calizzano and Garessio is one of these, and we discovered it somewhat by chance, just crossing the Ligurian Apennines towards the sea on a hot August day. It was supposed to be a simple stretch of transfer after having covered Passo del Faiallo and Colle del Melogno in the direction of Garessio and then descending towards Albenga, but it was a very pleasant discovery.

The road has a medium-width carriageway, which guarantees the easy passage of two cars, for all of its 15 kilometers that lead from Calizzano to Garessio. The road surface is in excellent condition, without holes, patches, depressions, especially towards Garessio. The whole route is surrounded by woods, therefore without particular panoramic views and you meet only a few houses near the brow that divides the two sides of this stretch that unites the province of Cuneo with that of Savona.

In our opinion

We absolutely do not advise you to leave home specifically to travel this road. However, it remains a good crossing point with very little traffic if you want to organize an alternative itinerary to reach Liguria. It's a non-demanding and not even long route, it can be guided and probably if you have a passenger not particularly inclined to the world of cars she won't complain too much about this detour.

Unfortunately we don't have any photos of this road, but we leave you a video that tells you about this section in the best possible way!

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