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Chris Leustean

The Panoramica Zegna is a road born from the will of the entrepreneur Ermenegildo Zegna at the beginning of the 20th century. The complete itinerary of this road starts from the villages downstream of the province of Biella and climbs up to Bielmonte along the SP232 (ex Massazza SS230) and then descends on the west side along the SP215 up to Rosazza.

Altitude: 1500m
Length: 26km
Colleague: Rosazza (BI) with Trivero (BI)
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On the east side, the most interesting stretch is the one that climbs after the municipality of Trivero. The road is rather narrow and with poor visibility in the curves, which does not allow for a very easy pace, but it is a very guided and in any case appreciable sector. There are some viewpoints along the route from which you can admire the view of the Biella area and the Po Valley.

The west side is characterized by a wider road, in some sections always with poor visibility in the curves due to the dense vegetation. The route is significantly faster than the other side; especially going up to high altitude you come across some important extensions. Here too we find some panoramic points.
In winter, road cleanliness is not guaranteed on this side, but this gives the possibility of encountering the ideal surface for those looking for a snow-covered road. The road reaches an altitude of about 1500 meters, where is Bielmonte, a ski resort in the Biella area.
There is also a large car park which offers a wonderful panorama both towards the south, towards the Po Valley, and towards the north towards the mountains of Val Sessera and Val Sesia.

In our opinion
Surely the most interesting stretch is the west one, going up from Rosazza along the SP215. After 2 small hamlets at the beginning of the climb, the road is practically empty, therefore with relatively little traffic. The conditions of the asphalt have worsened a bit in recent years, but it's just a few stretches.
In recent months, resurfacing works have been carried out (2018) on the east section, which certainly makes it more pleasant to walk, but it is still less pleasant than the other side.

Here is the video of the ascent from the west side, right along the SP215:

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