Tour delle Valli Lombarde - 16 Aprile 2023 - Special Stages

Tour of the Lombard Valleys - 16 April 2023

Chris Leustean

Also this year the April event takes place in Lombardy, almost a tradition since Special Stages has existed, and above all it is a tradition that the weather at the Tour delle Valli Lombarde is not exactly optimal, on the contrary!
Meteorological tradition that we're breaking in this 2023 though!

In fact, the forecasts are good, despite the fact that it rained and even snowed in the previous days, and the sun will accompany us throughout the course of the day!


This edition sees the start at the MC Racing Store headquarters, Albino workshop, on the outskirts of Bergamo, where we have already been on numerous occasions.
Maela and Cristian, the owners, have in fact opened the workshop especially for us, to host the 60 cars that have entered this event.
60 cars and 100 participants, numbers that demonstrate how much the commitment we are putting into organizing the events is repaid by the many enthusiasts who choose our Tours.
Usual registrations, delivery of roadbooks and breakfast to start the day before starting the caravan, with a great variety of cars, which will leave for an itinerary of about 180 km through the valleys of Lombardy to end at the San Fermo Hills .

We are in Albino, a town bordering Nembro, and therefore we cannot fail to travel the famous Nembro-Selvino, a special stage of numerous rallies in the area, but for some years also a stage of the WRC.

Unfortunately, on a sunny day like today, it is inevitable that this wonderful road will be busy. Other cars but also many cyclists who force you to keep a slow pace up to Selvino.

From Selvino we then take the SP28 to descend towards Val Brembana. As soon as we leave the inhabited center behind us, it is clear that the situation here is quite different. Traffic is practically non-existent and we can finally start Driving, with a capital G.
The road is winding and well paved. In many stretches humid due to the rains of the previous day and the fact that it is often in the shade does not help. However, the roadway is wide enough, which allows you to overtake the few cars that we find along the descent without any risk.

The road ends on the SP27 of Val Serina, which we take towards the north, to go up, towards Passo Zambla.

Here too the traffic is scarce and we continue to keep up the pace. We are pleased to discover that many sections between Valpiana and Zambla Alta, which in the past had a surface in bad condition, have been resurfaced.
Here too, the road often facing north remains in the shade, so you still need to pay attention to the wet stretches, but the continuous succession of curves offers good driving pleasure.

At Passo di Zambla we practically make an invasion of cars, parking cars everywhere, to reunite the group before setting off again.

The descent on the SP46 sees an asphalt in excellent condition and completely dry. Except for a few crossings of small villages, the road runs fast and once again with very little traffic down to the valley.

Here we take the SS671 northwards, in the direction of Passo della Presolana. This stretch is to be considered a transfer.
It is in fact a fast and wide road that slowly climbs along the valley where there is some traffic that gradually disappears as we approach the pass where we stop for the second stop.

We stop at Bar Neve where in the large parking lot in front we arrange the many cars present in this Tour.
Here we have planned a quick aperitif with some appetizers, just to put something under your teeth before arriving at the aperitif at the end of the event.
In fact, after the stop, a single long stage awaits us that will take us to the finish.
We descend from the Presolana towards the north-east. Here the state road totally changes its appearance. The roadway remains wide enough, but in a continuous succession of almost perfect curves and hairpin bends that allow you to resume the driving rhythm that we like so much.
We then take the SP294 towards the south, a fast and fairly wide road that runs in a narrow valley with long tunnels until it reaches Angolo Terme.

Here we make a turn (which some participants miss) to climb towards Anfurro and San Vigilio. This stretch of road is quite narrow and in some places even badly placed, but it was included in the itinerary to skip the tedious transfer between the villages downstream, but above all because just after San Vigilio the road widens and the wide roadbed unites with practically non-existent traffic, it offers a very exciting descent.

Here begins a slow and busy transfer, albeit with a beautiful view of Lake Iseo along the SS469 up to Sarnico.
Unfortunately, this whole stretch is quite busy and there are few overtaking points and you have to proceed with a more touristic pace.

Let's go up again crossing Adrara San Martino, Adrara San Rocco and Caffi. From here on we are out of the inhabited centers and you can enjoy the last guided stretch of this day to get to the Colli di San Fermo along the SP79.

We reach the large parking lot from which you can enjoy a beautiful view but above all, once all the participants have arrived, we can relax at Al Colle Bar Pizzeria for the abundant final aperitif.
This 2023 edition of the Tour delle Valli Lombarde was definitely a success, which saw a large turnout and variety of cars and finally a beautiful sunny day too!
Now all that remains is to enjoy a few more curves, because from the Colli di San Fermo we still have to go down, and the western slope, towards Bergamo, will still offer a few more kilometers of fun!

We look forward to seeing you at the May event, Lake Shore Drive!

Click HERE to see all the photos from the event!

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