Piemonte on the Road - 10 Aprile 2022 - Special Stages

Piedmont on the Road - 10 April 2022

Although we have organized numerous events in Piedmont over the years, this is the first time we have traveled the roads of Monferrato, especially in the area between Casale Monferrato, Asti and Turin. An area that does not differ much in terms of landscapes and roads from the one we have repeatedly taken into consideration for the Langhe Tours or other events in the Acqui Terme area, towards the Apennines.

Initially the Tour was supposed to start south of Asti, but a change in the prices of the structure that we had already contacted forced us to find another solution, which is not easy in a period of communions.
Two weeks after the event, therefore, we had to rewrite the entire itinerary based on the new starting and finishing point of the Tour, La Fertè, a beautiful farmhouse just north of Asti, where the service was also particularly appreciable.


The meeting as always is at 9.30 and the weather is not bad at all!
From the entrance gate of La Fertè, go up a path that leads to the large parking lot and to the courtyard in front of the main building, from which the hill also offers a beautiful panorama.

Once all the participants have arrived, the staff begins to serve breakfast while the members proceed with the registration and collection of the gadgets made available by Taurus Special Tuners, leader in the sale of car items both through the physical store and through the website, which the owner Matteo is present today with his beautiful Megane RS.

Today there are 50 cars, with many new members, at their first experience with Special Stages, for which briefing where we explain the course of the day and then everyone in the car ready to go.

Today's Tour is approximately 180 kilometers in total with 2 intermediate stops along the way, to then return to the starting point.

We leave the structure with the group leaving in a staggered way, a solution which, by avoiding forming a single caravan, ensures that we travel the route more agilely.
The first part of the itinerary leaves the hinterland of Asti towards the north-east, where we take the SP26 from Portacomaro station up to the SP38 passing the inhabited centers of Scurzolengo, Cascina Torre and San Desiderio.

Here the road is quite wide and fast, but with a slightly irregular surface, as in all of Monferrato, with depressions caused by the instability of the land in this region.
It is therefore necessary to pay attention to this factor, but the traffic is practically zero and we manage to have a great time along this stretch.

We find the same conditions continuing towards Grana and Casorzo, still on the SP38. We find a surface with asphalt that is at times more damaged by continuing on the SP30 and SP37 towards Grazzano Badoglio and Ottiglio, up to Ozzano Monferrato, where we merge onto the SP457dir for a transfer section that takes us up to Moncalvo Station.

Here, after more than 55 kilometres, we make our first stop in the small square of the small town, where the participants have the opportunity to stop at the bar overlooking the square itself.

After a quiet stop amidst various chats between participants, time to allow the photographers to position themselves on the route ahead, we get back in the car and leave for the second part of the Tour.

Leaving Moncalvo Station we head west to take the SP16, a very winding road, a little narrow in some points, which takes us up to the SP590 of Val Cerrina, here a stretch of transfer always westwards up to the junction that will take us towards south on the SP458 up to Casalborgone.

Here begins the most characteristic part of this stage, and perhaps of the entire Tour, which descends from Casalborgone towards Asti always along the SP458, a very fast road which is forbidden to motorcycles at the weekend.
Traffic is always light and the road runs fast between the hills with long and fast curves and other narrower ones, including some hairpin bends.
This section is really fantastic to drive in full, but obviously you have to be very careful due to the very high speeds that can be reached.

At Montechiaro d'Asti we leave the road to turn onto the SP2 in the direction of Soglio and Cortazzone. A much slower stretch characterized by a somewhat narrow and winding roadway with asphalt in fair condition.
Finally we reach Cortandone where in the small parking lot along the road we stop for the second intermediate stop.

After a bit of relaxation in the sun and for many a stop at the bar we set off again for the last 50km part of this second seasonal event.
From Cortandone we take the SP49 which immediately begins with a series of curves and asphalt in good condition towards the southwest until we enter the SP10 which takes us to Villafranca d'Asti and then again towards the south along a little-guided section which is more of a transfer up in Cisterna d'Asti.
From this point the route alternates between fast stretches and more tortuous ones, where, however, we have to keep a calmer pace due to the numerous inhabited centers that we meet on the itinerary going up north-east along the SP12 until we reach Asti.
We then cross the inhabited center to return to the starting point, therefore still in La Fertè, for the final aperitif.
The cars are parked again in the large parking lot and also in front of the structure where the buffet is served outdoors on this hot day in early April.

After a fearful start to the season due to the last two years practically at a standstill and still with so much uncertainty, the success of this event has shown that Special Stages has not lost its charm and the comments and compliments of the participants confirm that our events they are always of great appreciation, for which we will try to do even better already with the next Tours of this season.

We look forward to seeing you at Lake Shore Drive, which in this edition will be significantly renewed compared to previous years, but also at the Upland Ride in June, a completely new event scheduled on beautiful roads near the Asiago plateau, for which we have chosen a stupendous high-level location for departure and arrival.

Thanks from all the staff for being present on this day.

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