Pesata Day - 13 Marzo 2022 - Special Stages

Weighing Day - March 13, 2022

Chris Leustean

Two years off, where we were unable to plan an entire season, with some sporadic events planned a month in advance. Finally we start again, finally it seems that we will be able to think about a whole year of events, the first Tour arrives and… The forecasts show SNOW!

Luckily, the forecasts of a week before have changed, and have not gone from snow to rain, or from snow to cloud, but even from snow to sun!
Sure, the cold is making itself felt, but it's still still winter, but we couldn't have expected a better weather situation.


The meeting, scheduled for 9.30, for this day, which does not take place like the classic Special Stages Tours, is at the MC Racing Store in Albino, a town just a few minutes from Bergamo.

Maela and Cristian host us not only for breakfast, but above all to give the cars the possibility to be weighed on professional scales. An aspect often underestimated, but which is very important for our sports.

Participants arrive and begin to crowd the parking lot in front of the workshop, highlighting the "biodiversity" of the cars participating in the Special Stages events.

Today there are not the usual large numbers we are used to, but there are more than thirty cars, of all types and cavalry… And weight.

Many Lotuses, of various colors, but also the small Saxos, two beautiful Alpines, Clio RS, Cayman GT4 and many other cars that slowly begin to alternate on the scales while the uncommitted owners devote themselves to breakfast and the usual chats with the others participants.

Around noon we finish weighing all the cars and get ready to go back to being the usual Special Stagers for which the most important thing is always driving!

We say goodbye to the owners of the house, whom we thank for their hospitality (PS: if you need any component for your car, you can contact ) and we prepare to face the first part of the Itinerary in the classic Special Stages style which will take us to the restaurant.

We leave Albino in the direction of Bergamo up to Nembro and here we find ourselves on a road that has already been traveled many other times, but which today has something more. In fact, since the last time we traveled this road during one of our events, Nembro-Selvino has twice been a Special Stage of the WRC, proof that it is truly a wonderful road.

Unfortunately it is a road that is very subject to vehicular traffic, but at least for the leading group, today we find at least half of it clear.

Once in Selvino we continue towards Aviatico to then reach the Trattoria Felicità. We have already been here on many other occasions, but on the other hand the food is good and in abundance, so why not go back?

After lunch, excellent and plentiful, the group leaves.
A short stretch of transfer up to the SP31 where through a very guided stretch at a more or less constant altitude we reach Serina. Another road that we have traveled several times, as well as the SP27 which will take us down to the valley in Val Brembana along the narrow gorge of the Orrido di Bracca.

We take the SS470 for a short transfer section, with a refueling stop for those who need it, up to San Giovanni Bianco.

Here begins the suggestive SP25 which will take us through the ravines of Val Taleggio to Olda.
A stretch of road where it is practically impossible to overtake and therefore to fully enjoy it you need to be lucky enough to find it free from traffic, which unfortunately did not happen to us.

In Olda, leaving the town, there is a small parking lot where we often stop, and we stop here too.

After the break we take the SP24, a little narrow, a little dirty in this period, but really nice to drive up to Gerosa. Here in the inhabited center the road narrows a lot but once you leave the inhabited center long fast stretches take you up to Valbrembilla.

Another stretch of transfer along the SP32 and then along the SP21 up to Valsecca, where the climb towards Passo di Valcava begins.

This too is a special stage section of the WRC, a very beautiful road if it weren't for the road surface which unfortunately is in much worse condition than the last time we passed here.

In this last stretch of road unfortunately the sky was covered with clouds and upon arrival at the pass the temperatures are decidedly wintery.

This first event ends here, with an itinerary of just over 110 kilometres, but enough to warm us up in anticipation of a season that promises to be full of fantastic events.

As always, we thank all the participants, many at their first experience with Special Stages, which we hope to find again in the next events of this season.

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