Milano Monza Motor Show 2023 - 16-18 Giugno 2023

Milan Monza Motor Show 2023 - 16-18 June 2023

At the beginning of the year, thanks to Gianmaria from who acted as our intermediary, we were given the opportunity to be present at MiMo 2023, the event organized by Andrea Levy at the Monza racetrack.

An opportunity that we took with great pleasure given that it is certainly an important showcase in the automotive world, especially this year in which the whole event was concentrated in the paddocks of the racetrack and no longer in the streets of central Milan .

Initially we didn't know what to expect from this event and we didn't know how to expose our Club to a vast but also very varied audience which is that of the MiMo.

The main interest was therefore to make ourselves known and present our activities, our tours, to those who hadn't heard us yet and to do this we had to not only be present but be recognizable and attract the attention of visitors and other participants in the event .

The Special Stages stand

Compared to last year, in which various MiMo stands were located in the center of Milan, in this edition all the exhibitors are in the paddocks of the Monza racetrack. In Paddock 1 (the square close to the pits) there were the stands of the official manufacturers, while Paddock 2 was made available to the various sponsors and clubs.

We at Special Stages, as a club, were therefore in Paddock 2, where however we didn't want to exhibit only the cars of our members, but we wanted to offer something more, as is our habit, to those who attended the event with us.
We therefore set up a real stand, arranging the cars judiciously and emphasizing their diversity, all around the Special Stages stand.

In fact, here our members were able to find some shade from the scorching June sun, music, sofas to relax in and even a small corner bar where Guido served drinks throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday to our participants.

In addition to our members, the stand served to host curious about our reality, explain our activities, present new collaborations, such as with K&Y FOB which exhibited its beautiful and precious products right here.

Finally, since we at Special Stages don't like being on idle wheels, we have also planned some activities that over the course of the weekend have been able to enliven our members' days a bit.

Overpass Parade

In fact, on Saturday afternoon, thanks to the skilful planning by the MiMo organization, it was possible for our members to be able to drive along the historic elevated road with their own cars; the respect and awe that concrete banking inspires is incredible, just think of the racing cars that darted up there in the past, driven by fearless heroes.

Once the organization gave the signal, we escorted the participants along the route with two service cars, proceeding to make video footage and an ad hoc photo shoot.
Initially we proceeded to take photos and shoot videos of the cars stationary on the almost dangerous slope of the elevated road and then let them pass and, under the watchful eye of the MiMo staff, return towards Paddock 2.

However short this experience was (about half an hour), the simple fact of having stepped on the concrete (yes, concrete, not asphalt!) of the Italian Temple of Speed ​​was an emotion that will surely remain in everyone's heart the enthusiasts who were with us that day.

Cars in the center of Milan

At the end of Saturday, the Members present at the Special Stages stand were able to leave the Monza racetrack to head by caravan towards the center of Milan for an aperitif at the Tiny Cocktail Bar.
It's a small but sophisticated place in via Piero della Francesca, parallel to Corso Sempione, where you can enjoy excellent quality drinks. For the occasion we were able to reserve some parking spaces in order to park the cars right in front of the venue.
At the end of the aperitif, some participants also decided to stop for dinner again at Tiny, whose kitchen always offers some very tasty and absolutely must-try dishes.

Shooting at Villa Reale

Another more unique than rare activity was that of Sunday morning, in which we were able to offer participants the opportunity to bring their cars in the beautiful context of the gardens of the Villa Reale in Monza for a photo shoot, all branded Special Stages .

After meeting at the racetrack, the members' cars moved in a caravan to the beautiful Villa Reale in Monza where they were able to access the gardens. It was just us and we were able to use the spaces in front of the villa for an hour to take photos and videos of all the cars present. An opportunity that doesn't happen often, an exclusive that the MiMo organizers offered us and that was greatly appreciated by all those present who were able to park their cars in a context usually off-limits for the public.

Thanks to all!

The possibility of being able to enter a prestigious and important event such as the Milano Monza Motorshow through the front door was a fantastic opportunity that we hope we have made the most of, creating cohesion and entertaining our members for an entire weekend and demonstrating what we are capable of. However, none of this would have been possible without the people we have worked shoulder to shoulder with, so thanks must be given:

First of all thanks to Andrea De Pace and his staff, who shed tears and sweat to coordinate everything in the best possible way and who helped and assisted us at all times, from the beginning of the planning to the end of the event; another big thank you goes to the sponsors and partners who have believed and continue to believe in us and accompany us from event to event allowing us to continuously raise the quality; thanks to all the Special Stages staff members who raced throughout the weekend without ever missing a beat and, above all, a thousand times THANKS to our members and friends, who populated our stand, exhibiting their vehicles and keeping us company during this amazing two days at the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza!

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